Adwords Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement campaigns are boon for small and big companies businesses that strive to reach out to maximum number of people with a maximum control of costs. Over the years, PPC has emerged as the most cost-effective online advertising tool for many businesses. For Google Adwords Management in German please visit this website.

Understanding Pay per Click and Adwords

Pay per Click implies paying the Search Engine for every click, i.e., every visitor sent to the site via ‘Advertisements’ or ‘Sponsored Links’. Almost every Search Engine offers sponsored links in order to enable the webmasters to buy keywords. One of the most popular among these is Google Adwords that generates maximum sponsored traffic on the Web.

Our comprehensive Adwords Management services include:

  • In depth Keyword Research in order to launch a sustained and focused PPC campaign.
  • Website and Competition Analysis for keywords to beat the rivals at their own game.
  • Managing entire PPC Ad campaign from cradle to grave.
  • Monitoring all campaigns and taking corrective measures, if needed.
  • Ongoing Bid Price Management.
  • Delivery of Real-time Reports to enable you to track the performance of Ad campaign.

Benefits of PPC with SEO Powix

  • Improved traffic both in quantity as well as quality with our targeted approach.
  • Better ROI and conversion with increased targeted traffic.
  • Cost-effective PPC campaign to provide you with maximum control over your limited budget.
  • We offer PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes.
  • Multilingual PPC campaign management especially in English, German, Spanish and French.
  • Tailored PPC campaigns that work best for individual businesses.
  • No more bidding wars and no more exceeding your stated budget.
  • Indigenous techniques applied in order to ensure lower Cost Per Click (CPC) for the targeted keywords.
  • Complete client information with the ability to track performance of the campaign in real-time.
  • Most qualified and result oriented Google AdWords professionals on the job.
  • Useful suggestions to make PPC campaign even more effective.

Please check in our offices in Barcelona for Google Adwords Management.