Keyword Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis is the starting point for every successful SEO and PPC campaign. The process may look straightforward but in practice, it requires great skills and loads of experience to research the keywords that your targeted customers are likely to enter in the Search Engine text box.

Understanding Keyword Analysis

After researching and short-listing the keywords, keywords are analysed individually in order to assess their relevance. Keyword Analysis forms the core of every Internet Marketing campaign. No Organic SEO or PPC campaign can move forward before analysing the keywords to be focused upon while devising a potent strategy.

Our comprehensive Keyword Analysis services include:

  • Finding out profitable keywords for your business.
  • Analysing each keyword vis-à-vis its relevance, popularity and conversion potentials among target customers.
  • Researching keywords used by the competitor in its marketing campaign.
  • Ensuring maximum ROI on shortlisted keywords.
  • Ensuring maximum ROI of SEO and PPC campaigns.

Benefits of Keyword Analysis with SEO Powix

  • By focusing on targeted keywords, we strive to avoid wastage of time, money, and energies and direct them towards result oriented processes.
  • Selecting right keywords means investment on productive processes that lead to successful online marketing campaigns.
  • Multilanguage keyword research especially in English, German, Spanish and French.
  • We believe in client education and deliver detailed Keyword Analysis Report.
  • Our Keyword Analysis Report is useful for both online and offsite SEO purposes.
  • We understand that each business has its own peculiar problems and requirements, which prompts us to devise tailored solutions for every client.
  • We deliver keywords that convert.
  • Highly skilful and experienced professionals employed on the job to deliver results for every client irrespective of the size of the business.

For a service or keyword phrase like “Learn Spanish” there a hundreds of keyword phrases. You have to group and choose them wisely for short and long term positive benefits in search engines.