Web Analytics

Web Analytics is an indispensable tool for assessing and tracking the performance of your website. It’s a diagnostic tool that not just helps in identifying the problem with the website’s performance but also essential for determining ROI of your entire SEO campaign. Apart from the popular Google Analytics, the use of analytics software to generate informative site statistics has assumed greater importance for any successful SEO and PPC campaign.

Understanding Web Analytics Consulting

Web Analytics is a process that studies the behaviour of visitors on your website with an aim to increase the traffic and sales generated online through the website. Web Analytics Consulting is a service that provides expert insight into the performance of your website by interpreting the statistical data thrown up by Web Analytics software.

Our comprehensive Web Analytics Consulting services include:

  • Using tailored software, apart from Google Analytics, to deliver actionable analytics.
  • Devising strategic measurement roadmaps for the clients to better serve them in the long run.
  • Evaluating latest technologies and suggesting the best ones that are suitable for your website.
  • Developing technical papers and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting suites.
  • Reporting best practices for your website.

Benefits of Web Analytics Consulting with SEO Powix

  • We examine even the most minute aspects of web analytics and make this measurement tool something that can be effectively used to improve your website’s business-generating ability.
  • We don’t have any favourites when it comes to selecting the software for generating web analytics. Though Google Analytics is the most popular one but we also use other software depending on the individual requirements of the customer.
  • Reliable and robust implementation strategies are developed to make Web Analytics a productive process.
  • All the metrics and reports are analysed by professionals that have years of hands-on experience in delivering quantifiable results.
  • We devise a proactive strategy after carefully analyzing the statistical data in order to prevent future redundancy of your SEO and PPC campaigns.